Bring your online and offline sales together with the Shopify POS (point of sale) system. Create a seamless customer checkout experience anywhere - with just a mobile device!

Reliable, powerful, portable, efficient. Shopify POS is a must-have for Shopify merchants and retailers in Hong Kong with everything you need to smoothly run both retail and online stores for a unified, online merge offline (OMO) customer experience.

Power your business with Shopify POS

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Run your online and offline business with the same POS. Sync customer profiles from every channel to gain accurate and actionable data.

Turn any mobile device or tablet into a point-of-sale and get started selling!

Sell anywhere your customers are & unify customer order data

Synchronize inventory, customer orders, operation flows like purchase orders and stock transfers, and more.

Gain better insights about your business in a single view to plan for growth with confidence.

Streamline your business & operations

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No more expensive integration projects to deliver online + offline customer experiences. Unlock omnichannel sales potential by enabling “buy online, pickup offline”, “endless aisle” and more so customers can shop how they want.

Boost Online & Offline sales

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Shopify’s online storefront is optimized to boost conversions with fast and easy checkouts. If you’re looking to boost your in-store POS experience, speak with our team to better understand how the POS payment model works and the additional add-on options that are available for the HK market.

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Fast & easy checkouts

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As a longtime Shopify app developer, our team at Wave Commerce has created OMNI - a member management and customer loyalty app to boost Shopify sales growth.

Boost OMO customer loyalty with OMNI by Wave Commerce

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  • Reward customers online and in-store with a fully integrated loyalty experience across every touchpoint
  • Drive growth with VIP tiers, VIP deals, special offers, and O2O redemptions
  • Mobile-first experience with registration tied to mobile phone numbers
  • Integrate with marketing tools to drive customer engagement via targeted and personalized campaigns

Give in-store staff visibility into customers to improve customer support (VIP tier, purchase history, available offers and rewards) on Shopify POS.

Provide incentive to staff to sign up new loyalty users by binding the staff and the customer - and attributing all future online and offline sales from the customer to the bound staff. In-store staff can take ownership of customers and drive online sales, without fear of missing their sales attribution.

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"VIP Everywhere" experience and staff incentives

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Make it almost too easy to buy from you with Shopify POS

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With so many tools to power your retail business in one, Shopify POS is not only cost-effective but delivers a modern OMO/omnichannel retailing experience that helps your brand compete and stand out.

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