An Overview Of Considerations For Setting Up Localized Online Stores

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Starting your online business using global ecommerce platforms like Shopify Plus has never been easier. This guide will help you leverage Shopify Plus’s user-centric store designs for localized needs to create the best online shopping experiences for your local and overseas shoppers.

This Ebook highlights Shopify Plus features that are available for all merchants to offer cross-border sales from day one. The guide also provides approaches to adapting Shopify Plus’s functions and tools to build thoughtful shopping customer shopping experiences in localized markets. Learn how you can sell worldwide through strategic localizations that differentiate your store to customers at touch points that matter.

Deliver world-class online shopping experiences for a global market from day one.

Build your new online store in a matter of weeks without a single line of code.

For entrepreneurs

For existing businesses

Use Shopify Plus to reach new customers and integrate your online and offline shopping experiences. Established businesses launch sophisticated online stores to develop deeper consumer relationships and unified brand experiences.

In this guide, you will learn:

How Can Shopify Help Your Business
Considerations Before Starting On Your Shopify Store Selling Globally: Localizing Shopify for Regional Needs
Getting Started on Your Shopify Store
Choosing Your Theme
Translating Your Store
Setting Up Your Payment Gateways and Checkout
Adding Products
Setting Up Order Fulfillment and Shipping
Additional Considerations
Testing and Launch

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