Grow online and offline customer engagement and lifetime value with OMNI.

✓ Customer member management
✓ VIP tiering and personalized rewards
✓ Supports Shopify and Shopify POS
✓ Designed for Hong Kong consumers

Shopify's only
OMO loyalty solution

Powering customer loyalty experiences for

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Unify your Shopify store with Shopify POS (or other retail point-of-sale system) to unlock Online Merge Offline (OMO) customer experiences that engage all of your customers and reaches new ones.

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Designed for Shopify and Shopify POS

Create a loyalty program that suits your goals and drives desired behaviors.

✓ Customer loyalty tiers, such as "VIP tier"

✓ Segment and tag customers

✓ Customized rewards and offers

✓ Drive online traffic in-store with O2O redemptions

Delight Customers & Motivate Repeat Purchases

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✓ Speak your customer’s language - provide a fully Traditional Chinese loyalty program interface

✓ Preferred mobile-first experience with registration and profiles tied to mobile phone numbers

Designed for Local HK Market Needs

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Create a loyalty-driven customer experience online & offline

✓ Incentivize more purchases: Loyalty points and rewards are visible to customers when shopping on your Shopify store, and at offline stores via Shopify POS

✓ OMNI integrates with commerce marketing tools to provide accurate data for highly targeted campaigns

✓ Deliver promotions, rewards, and communications to members based on tiers

Drive Customer Engagement with Loyalty Integrations

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Empower in-store staff with easy visibility of customer loyalty profiles and order history on Shopify POS for improved support and sales.

Incentivize staff to sign up new loyalty members:

Attribute future sales from customers to the staff who signed them up in-store (staff and customer binding) 

✓ Easily track and acknowledge in-store staff for contribution to online sales

Incentivize Staff with Online Sales Attribution

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Build your loyalty program with OMNI

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If you’re using Shopify or Shopify POS, get in touch with us for a product demo of OMNI by Wave Commerce and a consultation on how you can use Online Merge Offline (OMO) strategies and tactics to grow your customer engagement and lifetime value.

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